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One mind created an entire realm, with original characters, places, and lore.

The Dreamrealm is meant to be thought of as a role-playing game.

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The Dreamrealm is a fictional universe created by Max Dusman. It focuses on a planet called Veden, a mostly oceanic world similar to Earth. Veden has three major continents: Manadea, Bjoridan, and Yenkhan. Though originally hostile towards each other, trade and unification against common threats helped bring the continents into harmony.

Bjoridan is a tundra continent home to old world Humans, Goblins, and Neomen. Dwarves have also moved to this continent to mine iron and gold. It's ruled by a singular king of a warrior's title (with some exceptions). Humans primarily hold power over the land, with goblins contributing to society with their craftiness. Neomen live away from civilization in the World of the Spires, testing trespassers in trials of combat. They adorn themselves in skulls and mammoth tusks, seemingly unaffected by the cold.

Yenkhan is a semi-tropical archipelago home to the Azin, Sakura Elves, and Oni. It interacts frequently with Manadea due to exchange of valuable resources and closer proximity. The continent is divided into two main islands, known as the Land of the Sun and the Land of the Moon, respectively. A palace connects the two islands, where two emperors rule at different times of day.

Manadea actually was created due to a moon-sized meteorite impact, which shifted the climates of the other continents and introduced arcane energy into the world. It is home to the Golems, Um'Shar, and Listas. Manadea is a highly magical continent, containing the six major elements in a mixture of biomes, and brought the mythical mineral Animite onto Veden.

Two other dimensions impact Veden, one called Hel and the other called the Blackmist. Hel is the kingdom of demons, bent on invading Veden and other worlds to collect souls and create a cross-dimensional empire by exploiting desire within the minds of their victims. They are the primary force of evil within Veden, but are not entirely responsible for every darkness within the world. The Blackmist is an endless expanse of void, most creatures that enter it become warped and disfigured within hours. Though the Blackmist is rarely entered and exited, powerful beings reside there, including eldritch titans and manifestations of fear itself.

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